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Our cofounder Benoit, ex-first officer on A320, was laid off during the Covid-19 pandemic, like many other fellow pilots. Trying to maintain his technical expertise while waiting for the end of the pandemic, he found out that there were no satisfying training content for A320 pilots.

Our goal is to provide high-quality technical content for A320 pilots:

  • We focus on information that matters in an operational environment. This site is made by pilots, for pilots. Our quizzes and questions are not designed to "trick you", but to help develop and maintain technical expertise.
  • We focus on quality before anything else. Our questions are reviewed, extended, verified by pilots. Our explanations are detailed, and refer to technical manuals and safety notes when available. We welcome any feedback or discussion regarding technical matters presented on our website.
  • We want to serve a community of A320 pilots, to provide useful resources for hiring interviews, technical exams and every day operations.

We initially released a monthly quiz, for free, for the A320 pilot community. This initiative received a very positive feedback and convinced us to continue. After a few months of operation, we started to accumulate an interesting data set of questions. We received many requests to allow users to have access to past quizzes, to keep track of their score or to be able to discuss questions, so we understood the need for a larger application that will allow all of these.

Building and hosting such an application is not free. In addition, our team spends a large amount of time every month to identify interesting content, validate explanations and generate new questions and quizzes. This is the reason why we are charging a modest monthly fee so that we can keep generating new content.

However we are willing to support any member of the A320 community that has been financially impacted by Covid-19 and we are willing to provide generous discounts to ensure that our services are used by anybody who needs it. If that's your case, contact us !

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